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About me

I'm Ollie, owner of The Neuro PT. I have worked with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) clients since 2019. On top of my experience in ABI I have a Psychology degree, Cognitive Neuroscience Masters and a Personal Trainer Qualification which led me to the create The Neuro PT.

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My Story

The brain has affected me my whole life. When I was 8 I lost my dad to a brain tumour and when I was 17 I lost my mum to a brain tumour. These losses motivated me to learn more about the brain. I went on to complete a BSc Psychology degree from the University of Hull and a Cognitive Neuroscience MSc from the University of Sussex. 

During my masters I myself went on a fitness journey. I loved learning about fitness and incorporating it into my everyday life. It made me feel great so, I took it upon myself to complete a Personal Training qualification in the COVID-19 lockdown. 

I have incorporated all my knowledge to create this, The Neuro PT. A personal training fitness service specialised in promoting brain function. I don't believe that personal training is just about exercise. Personal training should involve creating healthy habits that help you feel good about yourself and utilise the most complex structure in the world, your brain. 


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