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Punching Your Way Back

Everyone has a sport they take part in or enjoy to watch, mine is boxing. I got into boxing around 3 years ago, watching and taking part in it. I instantly loved and felt the physical benefits of boxing.

Boxing can be an intense, gruelling workout but also very rewarding, hearing the bell and knowing that you have burnt a lot of calories. However some people have the perception of boxing as a savage and dangerous sport. Most sports are dangerous. Rugby, football and cricket all have their risks which increase the more competitively you take part. Boxing does not have to be a 1-on-1 war in a ring. This has been recognised more recently with the creation of 'Therapeutic Boxing'.

Dr Mohammed Shosha conducted a review to investigate the general benefits of Therapeutic Boxing. Dr Shosha did this by reviewing and analysing research articles from PubMed, Google and Google Books using the keywords; 'Boxing', 'Therapy' and 'Therapeutic Boxing'. The review described a variety of benefits that Therapeutic Boxing has on individuals.

Cognitive Benefits

Research from the review suggested that Therapeutic Boxing helped individuals manage their negative emotions such as rage, unhappiness and frustration. Boxing also helped with individuals inner tension with individuals showing improved body perception and social interaction. Interestingly, Therapeutic Boxing increased speech performance, social interaction skills and the general mental health of individuals, sometimes targeting specific mental health problems. Crucially, the research review concluded that Therapeutic Boxing helped with stress, anger management, boosting confidence and self-esteem, elevating mood, focus, sleep quality and could be used as a natural anti-anxiety tool.

Physical Benefits

On top of the long list of cognitive benefits, the research review also unearthed many physical benefits of Therapeutic Boxing. Specifically, Therapeutic Boxing seemed to improve individuals gait, balance, upper-body strength, core strength, posture and hand-eye coordination (most of which are common problems in individuals with an Acquired Brain Injury).


The research review concluded that Therapeutic Boxing is a great method of exercising your body and your brain. The therapy also improves individual's activities of daily living and quality of life. Again, boxing does not have to be a 1-on-1 war, it can be a fun, engaging and meaningful activity for individuals not looking to compete but to improve their fitness or smash their rehabilitation.

The Neuro PT's Boxing Therapy service combines physical exercise along with tailored hand-eye coordination exercises, The aim of our service is so that individuals can reap the rewards Therapeutic Boxing has to offer and ensures that no one ends up on the floor.


Freddie Payne
Freddie Payne
Mar 01, 2022

Interesting stuff, and brilliantly summarized 🥊

Jul 27, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Fred! ❤️‍🔥

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